FAQ. If you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Do my pet and I get to meet the pet sitter before we start any services?

Yes, all clients receive a free introductory visit with our pet sitter(s).

Do I need to register an account with House and Hounds Care before the intro visit?

Yes, Please register and create an account with us. We email you a link to activate your account. 

Who holds on to my house keys?

The main pet sitter holds on to your keys (or our office).

How many daily visits do you suggest for my pet while I am away?

3 for dogs and 1 or 2 for cats depending on how social they are or according to their special needs. 

What do I need to do before I leave for my trip?

Create a list for your pet sitter with any info they may need- medication times, location of food, water bowl, trash, litter box, etc. Please leave all the information in our app and change it if needed when you travel again.

What if my pet needs medication while I am gone?

Tell your pet sitter when you first meet them at the intro visit. Leave a note in your home or on our app as a reminder for the pet sitter.

What if an emergency comes up for my pet sitter while I am gone?

This is why we send 2 pet sitters to the intro visit when we have 2 pet sitters in the area available.  The backup pet sitter will take care of the visit in case your primary pet sitter is not available. 

Do I need to give the pet sitter a key?

If you have a house key, you can either give it to the pet sitter at the intro visit, or you can leave it in a secure place on your property- in a pot, under a rug, etc. If you do not have a house key but have a code instead, we can add the code to your profile for easy access for the pet sitter. 

Do I get charged extra for having more than 1 animal?

No, each visit is charged based on time length alone. $20 for a 15-minute visit, $25 for a 30-minute visit, and $40 for a 1-hour visit. We have a $5 surcharge for weekends and after 7 pm. On some of the major holidays, we charge a 50% surcharge.

Can I get any updates on my pet while I am away?

Yes, all visits are documented with photos and a description of how the visit went. Each visit also includes a report card that lists if your pet received: a walk, food, fresh water, and if they peed or pooped. Our walk or stays are also GPS tracked with a time stamp. 

Is House and Hounds Care insured?

Yes, we are licensed, insured, and bonded too. 

Can pet sitters board dogs in their home?

es. Dogs under 25 pounds are $50/day and dogs over 25 pounds are $60/day. Only pet sitters who spend most of their time at home are available for dog boarding service. 

What is overnight pet sitting?

A pet sitter will sleep in your home from 9pm until 6am the following morning. $80/night. The pet sitter can take your dog outside for a quick pee break once they arrive at your home and before they leave the next morning, but we also suggest scheduling additional visits throughout the day.