Dog Walking


We tailor our daily dog walking service around our client’s needs. Our first walk of the day usually starts at 7 am and our last walk around 8 pm, but we can sometimes make an expectation and go earlier or later than our usual schedule. Our dog walkers will take your dog out for a nice walk and give your dog fresh water in their bowl. We always pick up dog waste during our walks. While we walk dogs, we only walk your dog; we do not offer pack walks. But if a client has 2-3 dogs, we will walk them all during our visit at no additional charge. Our walkers ensure that they have no contact with other dogs in the neighborhood unless you instruct us otherwise. Keeping your dog safe is very important for us.

Short Dog Walking

$20 – 15 min

Short Dog Walking

Short Dog Walking visit is recommended for dogs who are not able to walk long due to their breed, age, or health condition. This is the most affordable service we offer to walk dogs.

Regular Dog Walking

$25 – 30min

Dog Walking in Cooper City FL

Regular Dog Walking visit is our recommendation. Most of our clients hire us for a 30 minutes visit. This is enough time to walk, feed, and refresh the water. 

Long Dog Walking

$40 – 60 min

Dog Walking in Fort Lauderdale

Do you have an energetic dog who needs proper exercise? Let us take your dog for a fast-paced walk to get out all that pumped-up energy.