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You can entrust your pet with House and Hound Care for Dog Walking in Wilton Manors. With over 15 years of experience, we are a professional, insured, licensed and bonded pet care company. A dog walk is essential for them physically, but don't forget about the mental advantages. Exercise can help to reduce anger and anxiety while also improving their general health. If your dog doesn't expend their energy through activity, they could pay it by ruining the couch or your favorite pair of sneakers.

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Our Dog Walking in Wilton Manors is based on the requirement of your fur buddy. Different pets have different needs, and we tailor each service to meet those needs. We provide anything from 20-minute dog walks to 1-hour workout treks. The 'working walk,' in which we move at an excellent pace to burn energy, and the easy-going stroll, in which we stretch our legs and get our minds flowing with outdoor fragrances.

House and Hound Care's Dog Walking in Wilton Manors gives your dog the daily exercise they require while you are gone. Each Dog Walk includes a toilet break, a walk, freshwater, and, in most cases, more playing. A regular dog walk gives exercise and, of course, a toilet breaks for your dog. However, there is another reason why a regular dog walk is essential: ancestral impulses.

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