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House and Hound Care offers Dog Walking Services in Fort Lauderdale pet owners, customizing our schedule to suit your needs. We are dedicated to the care and comfort of your pets, and only walk dogs within your household together. We take care to avoid other dogs on our walking route to ensure safety for everyone. We keep detailed notes during each walk, including time spent walking, and activities at each stop, as well as photos of your dog having fun during the walk.

Broward Dog Walking Services Fort Lauderdale

House and Hound Care has over 15 years of experience and offers quality dog walking services in Fort Lauderdale with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. When you are going on vacation or need help in between work days, our team will provide pet sitting services to ensure your pets remain safe and secure. We understand that each dog is unique and we work with you to meet your pet's needs. For every visit, we send a text with a photo and a note, keeping you updated throughout the day.

When it comes to Dog Walking Services in Fort Lauderdale, no one does it better than House and Hound Care. For your dog, and for your peace of mind, all of our dog walkers are licensed, bonded, and insured. At House and Hound Care we take pride in knowing our dog walkers are professional and friendly, carefully selected to give you peace of mind knowing your furry family member is in good hands. Call us today to schedule your Dog Walking Services in Fort Lauderdale!

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