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Dog Walking Services

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At House and Hound Care, we offer Dog Walking Services Broward County pet owners, customizing our schedule to suit your needs. Whether you have a puppy that requires regular activity or are away at work, our team is here to help give your dog exercise throughout the day as well as providing fresh water. Only pets within your household are walked together, and we take care to avoid other dogs on our walking route to ensure safety for everyone.

Broward Dog Walking Services Broward County

We provide Dog Walking Services in Broward County , with a focus on maintaining their overall wellness. Each visit includes a personalized walk for your pups, time for them to relieve themselves, food and water replenishment and plenty of love! With each visit we send a text with a photo and a note, keeping you updated on your pet's condition throughout the day. Whether you are going on vacation or if you've got long days at the office, our services are flexible to fit your specific needs.

House & Hound Care is a professional, licensed, insured and bonded pet care company offering Dog Walking services in Broward County. We at House and Hound Care are focused on providing an exceptional dog walking service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a free initial meet and greet before we begin our services, we take time to properly acquaint our walker with your dog to ensure everyone's comfort.

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